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WE ARE MOVING – May 15th, 2017

Dear Infiniti Legal Support Services Client: As of Monday May 15th, 2017, Infiniti Legal Support Services will be located in our new office located at:

267 O’Connor Street

Suite 407

Ottawa, ON

K2P 1V3

Our great staff will remain unchanged and will continue to provide you with the same high quality offering and dependable, accessible customer service that you have come to expect from us. Our phone numbers will remain unchanged:

613-225-1808              Main Office Number

1-877-703-5598          Toll Free Number

613-727-0843             Fax Line

Our emails will remain unchanged. *** Please note that there may be a phone and email service disruption on the morning of Monday May 15th as our Provider switches the service from our current location to our new location ***   *** Please ensure that any mail or packages sent on or after Friday May 12th, 2017 are directed to the new address provided above. ***   If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us.   Thank you The Infiniti Legal Support Services Team

Who Are You Dealing With?  – July 9, 2015

We hear about scams and ripoffs all the time.

And so often, we think “That could never happen to me.”

But the reality is that it can (and does) happen to anyone.

Are you taking on a new client, getting involved in a new investment, partnering on a new venture?

How do you know who you are actually dealing with?

A little due diligence may save you a lot of time, money, and stress down the road.

A litigation search may turn up previous actions the person/organization has been involved in, which can provide clues to their character.

A lien or judgement search may turn up debts and actions that have not been disclosed.

A criminal records search may turn up unsavory conduct that the party is or has been involved in.

A title search may turn up that the big, flashy house is either rented or mortgaged to excess.

A simple Google Search may turn up articles, posts, comments – all providing an indication of what kind of person or organization you are dealing with.

Check out this example – a lot of smart people were taken for a lot of money.

Whether you are dealing with a local, national, or international entity, these kinds of searches can be invaluable in giving you a peek into who or what you are dealing with.

Moral of the story – do not shy away from opportunities – just know who you are dealing with.