Infiniti Legal Support Services team has been in operation for more than 30 years, providing a full range of professional, reliable and accessible legal support services to our client base of law firms and solicitors, banks, trust companies, government agencies, crown corporations, and private sector businesses.

With knowledge and experience on the subject matter second to none, Infiniti can quickly ascertain client requirements and deliver quality required results in a timely manner.

Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, our knowledgeable, experienced staff includes:

President and Owner

Gianni Donatucci
Gianni Donatucci is a seasoned business leader known for his strong customer focus, quality service orientation, exceptional work ethic and support for top talent. Gianni leads the Infiniti team by example, creating a professional environment where tailored, timely, exceptional service delivery is the norm.

Case Managers and Research Specialists

Ginette Bouchard
Ginette Bouchard’s 22 plus years in the legal support services industry provides her an unparalleled wealth of professional experience and specialized knowledge. This expertise is of great benefit to Infiniti and our valued clients, ensuring quick, tailored legal support services to address each client’s unique requirements.

Terry Carlson
Terry Carlson is the Infiniti court specialist and the primary face-to-face with our Ottawa-based customers. While generally in transit handling client priorities himself, Terry also oversees other agent and partners who are on the road handling legal support services cases.

Erika Croft-Kelso
Erika Croft-Kelso coordinates Infiniti cases, managing and researching files and submissions to ensure everything is accurate and in perfect order for quick service completion. Erika also expertly guides clients through the particulars of their requests to determine the best solutions and save them time and money.

Anne Fardais
Anne Fardais is dedicated to using her advance research skills to find the pertinent facts and fast. Anne spends her time ensuring Infiniti client and partner needs are well understood and catered to with meaningful, effective solutions.

This core Ottawa-based team manages Infiniti’s expert staff, and our trusted agents and global partner network. Combined with our bilingual capabilities (English and French) and professional office setting, this great team and supporting infrastructure enables Infiniti to provide quality, proven service worldwide.