Whether service is required in Ottawa, across Ontario, Canada-wide or around the world, Infiniti Legal Support Services provides our clients with a full range of document retrieval, litigation search and due diligence capabilities.

Making informed business decisions is critical to success on any front – whether that be validating that another business actually exists, confirming address and corporate profile details, completing effective searches and appropriate registrations or filings, etc.

Ottawa, Ontario based Infiniti Legal Support Services provides our clients full support for these critical due diligence business needs. Our fast and efficient search and document retrieval and litigation search capabilities include:

  • Property Ownership Records
  • Property Assessment Records
  • Personal Property Registration (PPR)/Personal Property Security Act (PPSA) searches and registrations
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation at all levels of Court
  • Bankruptcy (Insolvency) and Company Creditors Arrangements Act (CCAA) searches and filings.
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Driver’s License Records
  • License Plate Records
  • Corporate Profile and Directorship Records
  • National Library and Public Archives Canada Research
  • Security and Lien searches
  • Credit Reporting
  • Court Document retrieval and copying
  • Corporate filings
  • Bulk Sales Act searches (Ontario only)
  • Execution/Sheriff searches (writs of execution)

The Infiniti team uses our vast industry experience and qualified team of professionals, the latest technology and communication tools, direct access to government agencies and our global network of trusted agents and partners to ensure fast, efficient document retrieval, litigation search and other due diligence services worldwide.

NUANS Search and Corporate Name Reservation Services

Infiniti Legal Support Services also provides complete NUANS search and corporate name reservation services. Our trained staff will quickly and accurately provide you with the necessary reports to properly incorporate or amend your company name.

Global Professional Network

Infiniti Legal Support Services is an active member of the Ontario Association of Professional Searchers of Record (OAPSOR), the Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN) and the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigations (IAFC). These memberships provide Infiniti with access to a trusted network of expert document retrieval and litigation search partners not just in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but in the US, Europeand spanning the globe.