Infiniti — a proven, global partner to law firms and solicitors, banks, trust companies, government agencies, crown corporations and private sector businesses for legal support services.

Infiniti Legal Support Services provides impeccable global customer service — professional, reliable, and accessible — encompassing the following comprehensive legal support services domains:

Process Serving

Infiniti manages all process serving needs including:  serving on individuals, private or public entities; preparation of related Affidavit of Service; Confirmation of Service; courthouse issuing and filing at all levels of court; and, when necessary, skip tracing. We have trusted process servers in Ottawa and throughout Ontario, as well as process serving agents Canada-wide, across the US and around the worldwide.

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Document Retrieval and Litigation Search

Infiniti offers a full range of due diligence services, including corporate and personal document retrieval and litigation search capabilities as well as NUANS search and corporate name reservation services.

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Authentication and Legalization

Infiniti provides full service in the area of authentication and legalization of foreign papers, working with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and the foreign embassies/consulates in Ottawa.

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With any of these services, you can expect great customer service and expert, expedient delivery whether in Ottawa, across Ontario, Canada-wide, in the US or internationally.

Infiniti’s team of experienced bilingual (French and English) employees and our trusted global network of agents and partners, our top-of-the-line technology and communication investments, our real-time customized status updates, and our case management capabilities make Infiniti an advantageous partner.