Mar 21, 2017

How important is performing the proper due diligence on customers, vendors, or employees?

Well, to answer that question, ask yourself “What are the potential downfalls of dealing with this person/company if they turn out to be dishonest / have bad credit history / are litigious / etc.?”

The answer is that it can cause a lot of pain, both financial and emotional, as well as costing you a lot of time, and putting you, your colleagues, and your organization under tremendous stress.

Attached is a great article detailing how some people just keep trying even after they have been caught.

Get them before they get you

At Infiniti, we can and do perform a variety of due diligence searches that can provide a tremendous amount of background information on an individual or organization.

Ask us how we might be able to help you with you specific due diligence requirements.

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