Jul 13, 2015

How Lawyers Can Manage Burnout and Anxiety – July 13, 2015

Burnout and anxiety is common place in many walks of life.

Todays pressures and stresses seem to build to a point where many people just cant take it anymore.

As mentioned, this is happening in many walks of life, the legal profession being right at the top of the list.

The attached article is geared towards the specifics of burnout and anxiety in the legal profession.

Having said that, many of the points made in this article are relevant to anyone who is feeling burnt out, or having anxiety issues.

The title of the article (How lawyers can avoid burnout and debilitating anxiety), might be a little too ambitious.

I am not sure that anxiety can be avoided entirely, but it certainly can be managed in a proactive way.

I also found many of the comments at the bottom of the article very interesting.  Different points of view from different stages of life and career.