Jul 30, 2015

eService – Slowly But Surely, It’s Happening – July 30, 2015

In the Process Serving world, there is one topic that seems to continually rise to the top when the discussion turns to trends in the industry.

That topic is eService – service through email, social media, or other electronic means.

Judges are slow to allow this to happen – to date, it really is a measure of last resort.

But it has happened, and will continue to happen.  Read the attached article which details how a Defendant was recently served via Text Messaging.

Defendant Served Via Text Messaging

Yes this took place in the United States and not Canada.  And yes, it is still a relatively rare occurrence.  But the reality is that it is happening, and as precedent is built, it will gain momentum – around the world.

As a Process Serving company, we can react in a number of ways.

1.  Stick our heads in the sand and hope it goes away – my opinion, this is a recipe for disaster.  Change happens and to stay relevant, one must acknowledge that and deal with it.

2.  Fight it – my opinion, this may delay the inevitable for a short time, but as mentioned, change will happen.  Just look at the music industry (and how Apple has shaken it up) or the taxi industry (and how Uber is currently shaking it up)

3.  Embrace it – this does not mean just giving in.  But it does mean figuring out how and when it should be used, proper rules for its use to preserve the rights of all involved, and what tools and technology need to be implemented to execute it properly.

I know which option I am focused on.